Resume - Asst. Prof. Dr. Steven FOOTITT

Asst. Prof. Dr. Steven Footitt
Boğaziçi University
Molecular Biology and Genetics
Kuzey Park, 320
34342 Bebek/Istanbul
+90 (212) 359 6880
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Start date Graduation date University Department (Program)
PhD Aug-86 May-93 Louisiana State University Dept. of plant Pathology and Crop Physiology
MSc - - - -
BSc Oct-82 Jul-85 Nort East London Polytechnic Dept. of Applied Biology

Academic Titles and Positions

Initial appointment at Boğaziçi University: 9/2/19
First academic position at Boğaziçi University: Assistant Professor
Date of appointment as Assistant Professor at Boğaziçi University: 9/2/19
Date Associate Professorship was granted by YÖK: -
Date of promotion to Associate Professor at Boğaziçi University: -

Experiences / Appointments (outside BU)

Employer Job Title Employment dates
Qualsurv Ltd Data cleanser Dec 2017 – July 2018
University of Warwick Research Fellow Oct 2016 - July 2017
University of Warwick Visiting Researcher July 2015 – Sept. 2016
University of Warwick Researcher co-investigator Aug 2011 – July 2015
University of Warwick Research Fellow 2007 - 2011
Rothamsted Research Postdoctoral research scientist 2000 - 2007
Rothamsted Research Laboratory manager 2003 - 2007
University of Edinburgh Postdoctoral research scientist 1999 - 2000
Swedish university of Agricultural Sciences Postdoctoral research Fellow 1996 - 1998
University of Essex Postdoctoral research scientist 1994 - 1996
Heriot-Watt University Postdoctoral research scientist 1993
Louisiana State University Graduate Research Assistant 1986 - 1992
Rotational Mouldings Ltd Machine operator 1985-1986
Royal Botanic Gardens Assistant Science officer 1983 - 1984
Rotational Mouldings Ltd Machine operator 1981 - 1982

Research Interests

  • Seed dormancy
  • Seed germination
  • Climate adaptation in seeds

Research Projects

Funding Institution Project Title Role Dates
TUBITAK Identifying climate adapted genes regulating secondary dormancy in seeds using Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes adapted to cool and warm climates Principal investigator 15/11/2021-14/11/2024
BAP Identifying quantitative traıt loci contaınıng genes regulating temperature sensitive induction of seed dormancy ın a unique Arabidopsis mapping population Principal investigator 01/10/2021 -30/9/2023
BBSRC Regulation of seed dormancy and its link to flowing time in the annual life cycle of plants Researcher co-investigator 2011 - 2014

Publications (overview)

Publications in refereed international journals
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Books International Publishers: -
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Book chapters International Publishers: 4
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Web of Science Google Scholar
h-index: 22 25
Number of citations w/o self citation: 1758
Total number of citations: 1876 2768


Patent owner Title Number Application date Publication year Patent office
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Theses Supervised

MSc PhD Institution
Completed: 1 1 University of Warwick
Ongoing: 2 - Bogazici university


Award Title Awarding Institution Award Year
- - -


Publications in refereed international journals

  • 1. Batlla, D., Malavert, C., Farnocchia, R.B.F., Footitt, S., Benech-Arnold, R.L. and Finch-Savage, W.E., 2022. A quantitative analysis of temperature-dependent seasonal dormancy cycling in buried Arabidopsis thaliana seeds can predict seedling emergence in a global warming scenario. Journal of Experimental Botany. 73: 2454-2468 (IF: 6.992, Q1)

  • 2. Footitt, S., Hambidge, A.J., and Finch-Savage W.E. (2021) Changes in phenological events in response to a global warming scenario reveal greater adaptability of winter annual compared to summer annual Arabidopsis ecotypes. Annals of Botany, 127: 111-122 (IF: 4.357, Q1)

  • 3. Footitt, S., Walley, P.G., Lynn, J.R., Hambidge, A.J., Penfield S. and Finch-Savage W.E. (2019) Trait analysis reveals DOG1 determines initial depth of seed dormancy, but not changes during dormancy cycling that result in seedling emergence timing. New Phytologist, 225: 2035-2047 (IF: 9.23, Q1)

  • 4. Footitt, S., Clewes, R., Feeney, M., Finch-Savage, W.E., Frigerio, L. (2019) Aquaporins influence Arabidopsis seed dormancy and germination in response to stress. Plant Cell & Environment, 42: 2325-2339 (IF: 7.228, Q1)

  • 5. Footitt, S., Awan, S., and Finch-Savage, W.E. (2018). An improved method for the rapid isolation of RNA from Arabidopsis and seeds of other species high in polyphenols and polysaccharides. Seed Science Research, 28: 360-364 doi:10.1017/S0960258518000296 (IF: 2.25, Q2)

  • 6. Awan, S., Footitt, S., and Finch-Savage, W.E. (2018). Interaction of maternal environment and allelic differences in seed vigour regulating genes determines seed performance in Brassica oleracea. Plant Journal 94: 1098-1108 (IF: 6.417, Q1)

  • 7. Footitt, S., Huang, Z., Ölçer-Footitt, H., Clay, H., Finch-Savage, W.E. (2018). The impact of global warming on germination and seedling emergence in Alliaria petiolata a woodland species with dormancy loss dependent on low temperature. Plant Biology, 20:682-690 doi:10.1111/plb.12720 (IF: 3.877, Q1)

  • 8. Huang, Z., Footitt, S., Tang, A. and Finch-Savage, W.E. (2018) Predicted global warming scenarios impact on the mother plant to alter seed dormancy and germination behaviour in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell and Environment 41:187–197. (IF: 7.228, Q1)

  • 9. Footitt, S., Ölçer‐Footitt, H., Hambidge, A. J., Finch‐Savage, W. E. (2017). A laboratory simulation of Arabidopsis seed dormancy cycling provides new insight into its regulation by clock genes and the dormancy‐related genes DOG1, MFT, CIPK23, and PHYA. Plant, Cell & Environment, 40: 1474-1486 doi: 10.1111/pce.12940 (IF: 7.228, Q1)

  • 10. Finch-Savage, W. E., Footitt, S. (2017) Seed dormancy cycling and the regulation of dormancy mechanisms to time germination in variable field environments. Journal of Experimental Botany, 68: 843-856. (IF: 6.992, Q1)

  • 11. Fazio, E., Gualandi, G., Palleschi, S., Footitt, S., Silvestroni, L. (2017) Optically functionalized biomorphism of bean seeds. Journal of Luminescence, 182: 189-195. (IF: 3.599, Q2)

  • 12. Waterworth, W.M., Footitt, S., Bray, C.M., Finch-Savage, W.E., West, C.E. (2016) The DNA damage checkpoint kinase ATM regulates germination and maintains genome stability in seeds. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA), 113: 9647-9652. (IF: 11.205, Q1)

  • 13. Footitt, S., Palleschi, S., Fazio, E., Palomba, R., Finch-Savage, W.E., Silvestroni, L. (2016) Ultra-weak photon emission from the seed coat in response to temperature and humidity. A potential mechanism for environmental signal transduction in the soil seed bank. Photochemistry and Photobiology, 92: 678-687. (IF: 3.421, Q1)

  • 14. Footitt, S., Muller, K., Kermode A.R., Finch-Savage W.E. (2015) Seed dormancy cycling in Arabidopsis: chromatin remodelling and regulation of DOG1 in response to seasonal environmental signals. Plant Journal, 81: 413–425. (IF: 6.417, Q1)

  • 15. Huang, Z., Ölçer-Footitt, H., Footitt, S., Finch-Savage, W.E. (2015) Seed dormancy is a dynamic state: variable responses to pre- and post-shedding environmental signals in seeds of contrasting Arabidopsis ecotypes. Seed Science Research, 25:159 – 169. (IF: 2.25, Q2)

  • 16. Footitt, S., Clay, H.A., Dent, K., Finch-Savage, W.E. (2014) Environment sensing in spring-dispersed seeds of a winter annual Arabidopsis influences the regulation of dormancy to align germination potential with seasonal changes. New Phytologist, 202: 929–939. (IF: 9.23, Q1)

  • 17. Huang, Z., Footitt, S., Finch-Savage, W.E. (2014) The effect of temperature on reproduction in the summer and winter annual Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes Bur and Cvi. Annals of Botany, 113: 921-929. (IF: 4.357, Q1)

  • 18. Footitt, S., Huang, Z., Clay, H., Finch-Savage, W.E (2013) Temperature, light and nitrate sensing coordinate Arabidopsis seed dormancy cycling, resulting in winter and summer annual phenotypes. Plant Journal, 74: 1003-1015. (IF: 6.417, Q1)

  • 19. Finch-Savage, W.E., Footitt, S. (2012) Opinion: To germinate or not to germinate: a question of dormancy relief not germination stimulation. Seed Science Research, 22: 243-248. (IF: 2.25, Q2)

  • 20. Footitt, S., Douterelo-Soler, I., Clay, H., Finch-Savage, W. E., (2011) Dormancy cycling in Arabidopsis seeds is controlled by seasonally distinct hormone-signaling pathways. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA), 108: 20236 – 20241. (IF: 11.205, Q1)

  • 21. Holman, T.J., Jones, P.D., Russell, L., Medhurst, A., Tomas, S.U., Talloji, P., Marquez, J., Schmuths, H., Tung, S.A., Taylor, I., Footitt, S., Bachmair, A., Theodoulou, F.L., Holdsworth, M.J. (2008) The N-end rule pathway promotes seed germination and establishment through removal of ABA sensitivity in Arabidopsis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the (USA), 106: 4549-4554. (IF: 11.205, Q1)

  • 22. Carrera, E., Holman, T., Medhurst, A., Deitrich, D., Footitt, S., A., Theodoulou, F., Holdsworth, M. (2008) Seed after-ripening is a discrete developmental pathway associated with specific gene networks in Arabidopsis. Plant Journal, 53: 214-224. (IF: 6.417, Q1)

  • 23. Footitt, S., Deitrich, D., Fait. A., Fernie, A.R., Holdsworth. M. J., Baker, A., Theodoulou, F.L. (2007) The COMATOSE ATP-binding cassette transporter is required for full fertility in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology, 144: 1467-1480. (IF: 6.09, Q1)

  • 24. Footitt, S., Cornah, J.E., Pracharoenwattana, I., Bryce, J.H., Smith, S.M. (2007) The Arabidopsis 3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase-2 (kat2-1) mutant exhibits increased flowering but reduced reproductive success Journal of Experimental Botany, 58: 2959-2968. (IF: 6.992, Q1)

  • 25. Carrera, E., Holman, T., Medhurst, A., Peer, W., Schmuths, H., Footitt, S. Baker, A., Theodoulou, F., Holdsworth, M. (2007) The ABC transporter COMATOSE regulates the seed transcriptome late in phase II of germination. Plant Physiology, 143: 1669-1679. (IF: 6.09, Q1)

  • 26. Footitt, S., Marquez, J., Schmuths, H., Baker, A., Theodoulou, F. L., Holdsworth, M. (2006) Analysis of the role of COMATOSE and peroxisomal beta-oxidation in the determination of germination potential in Arabidopsis. Journal of Experimental Botany, 57: 2805-2814. (IF: 6.992, Q1)

  • 27. Theodoulou, F. L., Job. K., Slocombe, S.P., Footitt, S., Holdsworth, M., Baker, A., Larson, T. R., Graham, I. A. (2005) Jasmonoic acid levels are reduced in COMATOSE ATP-binding cassette transporter mutants. Implications for transport of jasmonate precursors into peroxisomes. Plant Physiology, 137: 835-840. (IF: 6.09, Q1)

  • 28. Footitt, S., Ingouff, M., Clapham, D., von Arnold, S. (2003) Expression of the viviparous 1 (Pavp1) and p34 (cdc2) protein kinase (cdc2Pa) genes during somatic embryogenesis in Norway spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst). Journal of Experimental Botany, 54: 1711-1719. (IF: 6.992, Q1)

  • 29. Footitt, S., Slocombe, S. P., Larner, V., Kurup, S., Wu, Y. S., Larson, T., Graham, I., Baker, A., Holdsworth, M. (2002) Control of germination and lipid mobilization by COMATOSE, the Arabidopsis homologue of human ALDP. EMBO Journal, 21: 2912-2922. (IF: 11.598, Q1)

  • 30. Footitt, S., Cohn, M. A. (2001) Review: Developmental arrest: from sea urchins to seeds. Seed Science Research, 11: 3-16. (IF: 2.25, Q2)

  • 31. Footitt, S., Cohn, M. A. (1995) Seed Dormancy in Red Rice (Oryza-Sativa). IX. Embryo Fructose-2, 6-Bisphosphate During Dormancy Breaking and Subsequent Germination. Plant Physiology, 107: 1365-1370. (IF: 6.09, Q1)

  • 32. Footitt, S., Vargas, D., Cohn, M. A. (1995) Seed Dormancy in Red Rice. X. a C-13-Nmr Study of the Metabolism of Dormancy-Breaking Chemicals. Physiologia Plantarum, 94: 667-671. (IF: 4.81, Q1)

  • 33. Footitt, S., Cohn, M. A. (1992) Seed Dormancy in Red Rice. VIII. Embryo Acidification during Dormancy-Breaking and Subsequent Germination. Plant Physiology, 100: 1196-1202. (IF: 6.09, Q1)

Books, Book chapters, and Editorschips for international publishers

  • 1. Footitt, S. & Finch-Savage, WE. (2017). Dormancy and the control of germination. In. Plant Physiology and Function, The Plant Sciences. Editor. S. Clemens. Springer

  • 2. Finch-Savage, WE. & Footitt, S. (2015). Regulation of Seed Dormancy Cycling in Seasonal Field Environments. In. Advances in Plant Dormancy. Editor: J. V. Anderson, Springer, doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-14451-1_2

  • 3. Footitt, S. & Finch-Savage, WE. (2011). Production of Seed Samples for the Effective Molecular Analysis of Dormancy Cycling in Arabidopsis ' in Seed Dormancy. Methods in Molecular Biology, 65 - 79, Editors: Allison R. Kermode, Springer

  • 4. Footitt, S., Holdsworth, M. (2006). Dormancy breaking. In. The Encyclopedia of Seeds: Science, Technology, and Uses. M. Black, J. D. Bewley, & P. Halmer eds. CAB International, Wallingford (contribution combined with that of other contributors).

Publications in refereed national journals

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Books, Book chapters, and Editorschips for national publishers

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Supervised Theses

  • 1. Atalay Nallidere. Identifying quantitative traıt loci contaınıng genes regulating temperature sensitive induction of seed dormancy ın a unique Arabidopsis mapping population

  • 1. Ziyue Huang M. Sc. (2008) The germination response of Meconopsis cambrica seeds to temperature, stratification, Gibberellic acid and nitrate. University of Warwick

  • "2. Ziyue Huang Ph. D. (2013) Characterisation of dormancy cycling responses to environmnetal signals in contrasting Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes. University of Warwick

Conference Presentations

Conference contributions of the past 3 years
  • Invited speaker: International Dumlupinar Science and Mathematics Congress 5-7th September 2022

  • Invited speaker: 16th Aykut Kence Evolution Conference. Academic and General Sessions, Middle East Technical University (2022)

  • Invited speaker: 7th Turkish Seed Congress, Iğdir University (2021)

Administrative Positions

Institution Faculty / Department Position Dates
BU MBG Jury member M. Sc. Selection "June 2020
June 2022"
BU MBG Jury member Ph. D. Selection "January 2020
June 2020
February 2021
June 2022"
BU MBG Member of selection panel for faculty recruitment February, 2021
BU MBG Double major student advisor (MBG/CHEM and MBG/PHYS) 2020/21academic year
BU MBG Prep school student advisor 2020/21 academic year
BU MBG 1st year student advisor 2021/22 academic year
BU MBG 2nd year student advisor 2022/23academic year

Courses of the past 5 years

Code Name Term Faculty Percentile Rank
BU BIO 111 2019 Fall -
BU BIO 201.01 2019 Fall 0.32
BU BIO 407.02 2019 Fall -
BU BIO 501 2019 Fall -
BU BIO 152.02 2020 Spring 6.64
BU BIO 322 2020 Spring -
BU BIO 407.01 2020 Spring -
BU BIO 111 2020 Fall -
BU BIO 201.01 2020 Fall 10.29
BU BIO 407.03 2020 Fall -
BU BIO 152.02 2021 Spring 5.13
BU BIO 322 2021 Spring -
BU BIO 48K 2021 Spring -
BU BIO 111 2021 Fall -
BU BIO 201.01 2021 Fall 31.62
BU BIO 48K 2021 Fall -
BU BIO 500.05 2021 Fall -
BU BIO 152.01 2022 Spring 1.48
BU BIO 322 2022 Spring -
BU BIO 407.01 2022 Spring -
BU BIO 492.05 2022 Spring -
BU BIO 520.05 2022 Spring -
BU BIO 690.11 2022 Spring -
BU BIO 111 2022 Fall -
BU BIO 201.01 2022 Fall -
BU BIO 407.05 2022 Fall -
BU BIO 48K 2022 Fall -
BU BIO 491.05 2022 Fall -
BU BIO 690.04 2022 Fall -

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