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There are numerous reasons to choose the MBG program at Boğaziçi University, ranging from academic reputation over accomplished and dedicated faculty to cutting-edge research facilities, an excellent location and a top-tier student body.

Why Molecular Biology and Genetics?

Molecular Biology and Genetics is a very diverse and constantly growing field describing not only the elementary structure of the molecules of life but also their interactions during cellular function, including developmental, physiological, and disease processes of an organism. Thus, Molecular Biology and Genetics goes well beyond understanding the structure of DNA, RNA, and proteins and nowadays largely investigates the signals between and within cells and distinct molecular processes that determine whether a cell or an organism will be able to function properly. Thus, a good understanding of these processes is the basis for understanding malfunction and disease, both of which are directly related to the wellbeing of an organism and, in addition, have a tremendous impact on society and social life. Especially deficits in immune function, pathogen susceptibility and transmission, disregulation of gene expression and signaling in cancer, and degenerative processes of the nervous system are the big medical challenges of today. Molecular Biology and Genetics, as a modern discipline, therefore, makes important contributions to the understanding of the primary mechanisms involved and devises new strategies to tackle these important issues.

Why Molecular Biology and Genetics at Bogazici University?

Our select faculty is comprised of leading experts in Turkey in their field of research and every member is actively involved in teaching and research. Research in the department is funded by national and international sources and most of our faculty members are recipients of funding from the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (TÜBITAK). Five faculty members are part of the EMBO Young Investigator network and are / were supported directly by EMBO. Two faculty members have received the excellence award from the Science Academy and two other have won the Turkish Academy of Sciences’ young investigator award.

Our undergraduate students rank among the best students in the country and are among the highest scoring (top 0.1%) in the YGS central placement exam (akin to GMAT) out of approx. 1.5 million students that take the exam each year. See graph below :

Most of these students become actively engaged in research in their sophomore or junior years and a significant number of students go abroad for internship or exchange programs during their undergraduate years. The department's aim is to prepare students for a promising future in research, and as a result, a large percentage of graduates pursue graduate studies in Turkey and abroad.

For those willing to pursue an academic career abroad, the global outlook of our university and department and the high international recognition certainly contribute to the high success rate of our students to be accepted by international graduate programs in Europe and the USA.

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For more detailed information on our Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, you can visit the following videos of MBG Faculty describing Education and Training at MBG: