Course Descriptions

Undergraduate Program Graduate Program

Undergraduate Program in Molecular Biology and Genetics

revised program, as of 16. January, 2015

BIO 101 Cellular and Molecular Biology I (Hücresel ve Moleküler Biyoloji I) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 5
Preview of the cell and evolution theory; the chemistry of life; macromolecules; cells and organelles; membrane structure; transport across membrane; endomembrane system; bioenergetics; enzymes; chemical energy metabolism; aerobic respiration; photosynthesis; cytoskeletal systems.

BIO 102 Cellular and Molecular Biology II (Hücresel ve Moleküler Biyoloji II) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 5
Cellular movement and mobility; cell adhesion; extracellular matrix; electrical and chemical signal transduction; DNA, chromosomes, nucleus; cell cycle, DNA replication, mitosis; sexual reproduction, meiosis, recombination; Mendelian genetics; gene expression; recombinant DNA technology and its applications.

BIO 103 General Biology Laboratory (Genel Biyoloji Laboratuvarı) (0+0+2) 1 ECTS 2
Introduction to basic laboratory practices and techniques; preparation of solutions and performing relevant calculations; use of the light microscope to examine a variety of prepared slides; dissection of a vertebrate and invertebrate organism.

BIO 104 General Biology II (Genel Biyoloji II) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 5
Classification, characteristics and structure of viruses; Kingdoms of Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia; population and community ecology and ecosystems.

BIO 106 Cell Biology Laboratory (Hücre Biyolojisi Laboratuvarı) (1+0+3) 2 ECTS 3
Scientific report writing; light microscopy, gram staining; preparation of buffers and solutions; spectrophotometric measurements; bacterial growth curve; sterile techniques; extraction of DNA; agarose gel electrophoresis; organelle fractionation and analysis of subcellular fractions; transfection of eukaryotic cells; subcellular localization of proteins using fluorescent tags; mitosis; cell cycle analysis.

Corequisite: BIO 102

BIO 111 Prelude to Molecular Biology (Moleküler Biyolojiye Giris) (1+0+0) 1 ECTS 1
Historical development of molecular biology; introduction to current topics in the field such as biotechnology, cloning, and gene therapy.

BIO 121 Introduction to Cell Biology (Hücre Biyolojisine Giriş) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 5
Biochemistry of the cell; cell structure and function; photosynthesis and respiration; cytokinesis; mitosis and meiosis; Mendelian genetics; genes and chromosomes; molecular basis of inheritance; recombinant DNA technology and genetic engineering.

BIO 152 Introduction to Modern Biology (Modern Biyolojiye Giris) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 5
Origin and characteristics of life; biological macromolecules; eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell structure; membrane structure and function; cytokinesis; mitosis and meiosis; genes, chromosomes and heredity; homeostatic control mechanisms; nervous system; conscious brain and behavior; sensory system; endocrine system.

BIO 201 Evolution and Biodiversity (Evrim ve Biyolojik Çeşitlilik) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 3
Darwinian perspective of evolution, phylogeny, sources of genetic diversity, natural selection, genetic drift, gene flow, population genetics, species concept, history of life on earth, tree of life, animal, plant and microbial diversity, ecology.

BIO 203 Biostatistics (Biyoistatistik) (3+0+2) 3 ECTS 5
Measurements; Data analysis and organization; Biological and Statistical variables; Samples and populations; Descriptive statistics: central tendency, dispersion, standard error, confidence limits; Graphical display of data; Concepts of probability; Probability distributions; Hypothesis testing and inference: exact binomial tests, Chi-square tests, goodness of fit tests, Fisher’s test, Student’s t-test, ANOVA, MANOVA, Kruskal-Wallis test, Rank tests; Regression; Correlation; Contingency tables; Power analysis

BIO 252 Genetics (Genetik) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6
Genes, genomes and genetic analysis; DNA structure and genetic variation; Mendelian genetics and its applications; chromosomes and sex-chromosome inheritance; genetic linkage; chromosome mapping, human karyotypes, chromosome behavior; extranuclear inheritance, molecular evolution, population genetics.

BIO 254 Genetics Laboratory (Genetik Laboratuvarı) (1+0+4) 3 ECTS 6
Use of restriction enzyme digestion in genetic linkage analysis; Drosophila as a model organism; monohybrid and dihybrid cross; polytene chromosome and karyotype analysis; polygenic inheritance and complex traits; fluorescence in situ hybridization, (FISH); bacterial conjugation and transduction; complementation; candidate gene approach.

Corequisite: BIO 252

BIO 301 Biochemistry I (Biyokimya I) (4+0+0) 4 ECTS 6
Molecules of life; structure and function of proteins; nucleic acids; DNA as genetic material; flow of genetic information; enzymes; membrane structure and dynamics; membrane channels and pumps.

BIO 302 Biochemistry II (Biyokimya II) (4+0+0) 4 ECTS 6
Catabolism and generation of phosphate bond energy; glycolysis; TCA cycle; oxidative phosphorylation; oxidation of fatty acids and oxidative degradation of amino acids; photosynthesis; biosynthesis of carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids and nucleotides.

BIO 308 Seminar I (Seminer I) (2+0+0) 1 ECTS 2
Introduction to understanding and interpretation of research articles in the areas of molecular biology and genetics.

BIO 310 Cellular and Molecular Biology III (Hücresel ve Moleküler Biyoloji III) (4+0+0) 4 ECTS 6
Endomembrane system; vesicular transport and sorting; signal transduction (receptors, messengers); cytoskeletal systems and motility; development; stem cells and differentiation; immunology; cancer.

Prerequisite: BIO 102

BIO 322 Research Topics in Molecular Biology (Moleküler Biyolojide Araştırma Alanları) (1+0+0) 1 ECTS 2
Presentations on the current research projects carried out in the Department.

BIO 331 Techniques in Biological Research (Biyolojide Araştırma Teknikleri) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6
Light and electron microscopy; spectrophotometric techniques (UV and visible absorption spectroscopy); chromatographic techniques; centrifugation; electrophoresis; enzyme assays; use of radioisotopes in biological research.

BIO 333 Biochemistry Laboratory (Biyokimya Laboratuvarı) (1+0+4) 3 ECTS 6
Determination of pK of amino acids, cell disruption techniques, centrifugation techniques, sucrose gradient centrifugation, dialysis, chromatography techniques, SDS- PAGE electrophoresis; spectrophotometric measurement of protein and nucleic acid concentration; determination of protein amounts by Bradford assay, Western Blotting; thinlayer chromatography; Michaelis Menten kinetics

Corequisite: BIO 301

BIO 342 Physiology I (Fizyoloji I) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6
Homeostatic control mechanisms; nerve cell physiology; central nervous system; peripheral nervous system; muscle physiology; cardiovascular physiology; blood and hematopoiesis; respiration and gas exchange; the kidneys; fluid and electrolyte balance; digestion and absorption of food; metabolism and energy balance; endocrine system; endocrine control of metabolism

BIO 353 Molecular Genetics (Moleküler Genetik) (4+0+0) 4 ECTS 5
Chemistry of the gene; DNA replication and recombination; transcription; translation; mutation; control of gene regulation; transposable elements; genetics of bacteria and phages; gene cloning and manipulation.

Prerequisite: BIO 102

BIO 355 Molecular Biology Laboratory (Moleküler Biyoloji Laboratuvarı) (1+0+4) 3 ECTS 4
How to use databases; primer design; construction of bacterial growth curves; competant bacterial cell preparation; plasmid DNA isolation; agarose gel electrophoresis; Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR); purification of plasmid vector and PCR products, digestion with restriction enzymes, ligation, and transformation; screening with colony PCR; transfection of eukaryotic cells with the vector; microscopic visualization of fluorescently tagged proteins; quantitative Real Time PCR and DNA sequencing.

Co-Requisite: BIO 353

BIO 403 Scientific Conduct (Bilimsel Yordam) (1+0+0) 1 ECTS 2
Responsible conduct of research (RCR): Collaborative Science, Conflicts of interests and commitment; data acquisition, management, sharing and ownership, ethical regulations in research involving human and animal subjects, mentoring; Peer review Publication practices and responsible authorship; research misconduct.

BIO 407 Seminar II (Seminer II) (2+0+0) 2 ECTS 3
Student presentation and discussions of research articles covering various areas of molecular biology and genetics such as development, cancer, genomics.

BIO 410 Cancer Biology (Kanser Biyolojisi) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6
Nature of cancer; oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes; signaling pathways in cancer; dysregulation of cell cycle and apoptosis; steps in tumorigenesis; treatment of cancer.

BIO 420 Immunology (İmmünoloji) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6
Basic concepts in immunology; principles of innate and adaptive immunity; the generation of lymphocyte antigen receptors; development of B and T lymphocytes; antigen presentation; survival and maturation of B and T lymphocytes in peripheral tissues; T cell-mediated immunity; the humoral immune response.

BIO 424 Enzyme Catalysis and Kinetics (Enzim Katalizi ve Kinetiği) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6
Principles of enzyme catalysis; transition state theory; basic equations of enzyme kinetics; steady-state and pre-steady state kinetics; irreversible and reversible enyme inhibition; enzymatic rate constants; rate determining processes; practical methods to determine kinetics and equilibriums; determination of intermediates in enzymatic reactions; usage of binding energy in catalysis; enzyme specificity and accuracy; editing or proofreading mechanisms; cost of accuracy in enzymatic reactions.

BIO 430 Neuroscience (Nörobilim) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6
Cellular and structural components of the nervous system; electrical signaling in nerve cells; action potential propagation; synaptic transmission; structure and function of ion channels; sensory systems; development of the nervous system; neuronal plasticity; learning and memory; consciousness and behavior; emotions; nervous system disorders.

BIO 440 Genome Biology (Genom Biyolojisi) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6
Mapping and sequencing of genomes; history and structure of genomic diversity; genomics of human diversity and disease; genomic technologies; introduction to systems biology.

BIO 450 Bioinformatics (Biyoinformatik) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6
Hidden Markov models; optimization algorithms; classification clustering algorithms and their application in identification of motives, expression, methylation, microRNA and TF regulation mechanisms.

BIO 460 Developmental Biology (Gelişim Biyolojisi) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6
Patterns of development; life cycles of model organisms and experimental techniques; morphogenesis; germ cells and fertilization; cell differentiation and stem cells; organogenesis; development of the nervous system; growth and post-embryonic development; regeneration; evolution.

BIO 470 Genetic Disorders (Genetik Hastalıklar) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6
Genetic basis of inherited disorders; identification and characterization of novel genes; multifactorial disorders; molecular diagnosis; gene therapy.

BIO 475 Plant Molecular Biology ad Genetics (Bitki Moleküler Biyoloji ve Genetiği) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6
Structures of nuclear and cytoplasmic genomes; gene transfer techniques; gene expression and regulation in flowering plant development; transgenic plants and their use in biotechnology.

BIO 478 Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (Uygulamalı Mikrobiyoloji ve Biyoteknoloji) (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6
Diversity of microorganisms and their activities; interaction of microorganisms with their microbial environment; use of microorganisms in biotechnology.

BIO 491 Special Project I (Özel Proje I) (1+0+5) 3 ECTS 6
Designed for individual students to carry out laboratory research projects under the supervision of a faculty member. A final presentation of the work is required.

BIO 492 Special Project II (Özel Proje II) (1+0+5) 3 ECTS 6
Designed for individual students to carry out laboratory research projects under the supervision of a faculty member. A final presentation of the work is required.

BIO 480 – 490 and BIO 493 – 400 Special topics in Molecular Biology and Genetics (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6

Undergraduate Program Graduate Program

Graduate Program in Molecular Biology and Genetics

BIO 500 Modern Techniques in Molecular Biology 
(Moleküler Biyolojide Güncel Teknikler) (1+0+4) 3
An independent research project under the supervision of a faculty member, through which students gain experience in advanced molecular biology techniques.

BIO 501 Advanced Molecular Biology 
 (İleri Moleküler Biyoloji) (3+0+0) 3
Advanced topics related to chromatin organisation, role of chromatin modelling during gene expression and regulation, messenger RNA transport, translation mechanisms (cap-dependent / independent, structure of ribosome and tRNA, special emphasis on transcriptional and translational checkpoints, ribosome shunting, RNA silencing and messenger RNA decay mechanisms.

BIO 504 Medical Biochemistry 
 (Tıbbi Biyokimya) (3+0+0) 3
Use of biochemistry in etiology, diagnosis and treatment of disease; metabolic disorders, hormonal disorders; chemotherapy; immunotherapy.

BIO 506 Human Genetics 
 (İnsan Genetiği) (3+0+0) 3
Structure and organization of human chromosomes; chromosomal aberrations; diagnosis of genetic diseases; genetic counseling.

BIO 510 Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids 
 (Nükleik Asit Biyokimyasi) (3+0+0) 3
Structure and function of nucleic acids; techniques used in their study; biosynthetic pathways for nucleic acid production.

BIO 511 Advanced Genetics 
 (İleri Genetik) (3+0+0) 3
Methodologies used in molecular genetics; physical and genetics mapping, identification of genes, DNA sequencing techniques, studying the transcriptome and the proteome, genome replication, gene mutations, recombination mechanisms, DNA repair and molecular pathology.

BIO 513 Biotechnology 
 (Biyoteknoloji) (3+0+0) 3
Use of biological systems in medicine, industry and agriculture; food and drug production; industrial application of genetic engineering.

BIO 520 Laboratory Projects in Biology

(Biyolojide Laboratuvar Projeleri) (1+0+4) 3
Introduction to biological research through an independent, original project under the supervision of a faculty member, in order to provide hands-on experience with the advanced techniques of molecular biology.

BIO 522 Modern Concepts in Biochemistry

 (Biyokimyada Güncel Kavramlar) (3+0+0) 3
Recent advances in biochemistry; structure, function and metabolism of macromolecules; biochemistry of cancer; mechanisms of action of anticancer agents.

BIO 528 Immunology 
 (İmmünoloji) (3+0+0) 3
Immunochemistry; structure of immunoglobulin molecules; antigen-antibody interactions; humoral and cellular immune responses.

BIO 529 Developmental Biology 
 (Gelişim Biyolojisi) (3+0+0) 3
Fundamentals of developmental biology including fertilization, cleavage, gastrulation, neurulation, induction, determination, differentiation, pattern formation, teratology and sex determination.

BIO 560 Neurobiology 
 (Nörobiyoloji) (3+0+0) 3
Neuronal organization; rules of formation, maintenance and alterations of neuronal connections; mechanisms of neuronal signaling; integration and transformation of information by nerve cells.

BIO 579 Graduate Seminar 
 (Lisansüstü Seminer) (0+1+0) non-credit
Widening of students' perspectives and awareness of topics of interest to molecular biologists through seminars offered by faculty, guest speakers and graduate students.

BIO 581-583 Seminar 
 (Seminer) (1+0+4) 3
Literature survey, preparation and presentation of seminars by the students on recent research topics in the field of molecular biology.

BIO 580-599 Special Topics in Molecular Biology and Genetics (Moleküler Biyoloji ve Genetikte Özel Konular) (3+0+0) 3

Critical analysis of selected literature to study the recent advances in the field of specialization of the instructor.

BIO 601 Advanced Techniques in Molecular Biology 

 (Moleküler Biyolojide Kullanılan İleri Yöntemler) (1+0+4) 3
Use of laboratory techniques in molecular biology through a supervised independent research project. The research topic and the special techniques are selected to facilitate development of a doctoral thesis project.

BIO 602 Advanced Techniques in Human Genetics (İnsan Genetiğinde Kullanılan İleri Teknikler) (1+0+4) 3

Use of laboratory techniques in human genetics through a supervised independent research project. The research topic and the special techniques are selected to facilitate development of a doctoral thesis project.

BIO 603 Research Methods in Molecular Biology 

 (Moleküler Biyolojide Araştırma Yöntemleri) 
 (3+0+0) 3

An extensive literature survey on a selected topic in molecular biology, presentation of a seminar and discussion of future research directions.

BIO 605 Medical Genetics 
 (Tibbi Genetik) (3+0+0) 3

Patterns of single gene inheritance; genetic variation; the human genome; clinical cyto-genetics; sex chromosomes; genetics of the immune system; multifactorial inheritance; genetics of cancer; gene therapy; genetic counseling; prenatal diagnosis.

BIO 606 Biological Signal Transduction 
 (Biyolojik Sinyal İletimi) (3+0+0) 3

Cell-cell communication; classical and novel signaling pathways; cell surface and intracellular receptors; second messenger pathways.

BIO 610 Plant Tissue Cultures for Biotechnology 

 (Biyoteknolojide Bitki Doku Kültürü) (3+0+0) 3 

Plant hormones, tissue culture techniques, somatic embryogenesis, use of genetically engineered crop plants in breeding.

BIO 680-698 Advanced Topics in Molecular Biology and Genetics 

 (Moleküler Biyoloji ve Genetikte İleri Konular) (3+0+0) 3

Offered by the faculty member in his/her own field of specialization and involve critical discussion of selected literature to study the recent advances.

BIO 690 M.S. Thesis 
 (Yüksek Lisans Tezi)

BIO 790 Ph.D. Thesis 
 (Doktora Tezi)